Quinn Willoughby Photography | Pick Our Next Theme Shoot

I would like to announce the winning theme, based on the poll results!!  The winning theme shoot is "Landmark Fashion."  The Landmark is only accessible by Kayak.  This will be an exhausting photo-shoot as it going to a 7 mile round trip, kayaking.  We will be filming the whole adventure ourselves so stay tuned.  In the event that I cannot finding a model to do make this journey, I will do it alone and only capture the landscape.  The model selection will be made in two weeks and could be someone I have already worked with or someone new.


Update: 07/27/2015

We have chosen the beautiful Samantha Skowronek, for the Landmark Fashion shoot!  This shoot will take place September 1st and depending on cellular service behind the scenes photographs and video will be uploaded to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as the journey is being made.  Location information will be divulged on the day of the shoot.

DSC_2578-Recovered (Large)DSC_2578-Recovered (Large)

Please check out the latest blog we wrote about Samantha by clicking the link below.