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It is always hard to know what to expect during a shoot with a new model.  I always try my best to match my lighting with their facial features and do my best when it comes to coaching with posing.  I have been shooting models and helping them with posing for a very long time and a lot of times many of them have difficulties with posing when it comes to full body shots. Carmen demonstrated none of these issues.  Not only did she know exactly what to do to create appealing lines, she was excellent with little things that some people forget, like fingers and hand placement.



​Along with her modeling top-notch modeling skills, she has a Bachelors degree from U of M in Biology (very smart), has an outstanding attitude, a hard worker and all around great personality. If you do vote, take the time to vote for Carmen for the Jetset Magazine cover model.  -Quinn  Vote here: https://www.jetsetmag.com/model-search/vote/carmen-hackett








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Cowgirl shoot with Samantha Skowronek https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2015/7/22 Cowgirl Shoot with Samantha Skowronek

DSC04916 (Large)DSC04916 (Large)

It was beautiful out yesterday, perfect for a photo-shoot, slight cloud coverage, a nice breeze and a beautiful person and model to shoot with.  I arrived a little early at the Cummings Center as I have only been there once before to shoot a charity event and really did not have a lot of time to explore the entire facility.  The main goal was create a semi-realistic cowgirl shoot, using natural light in combination with a strobe. The main shooting area we choose was a beautiful barn with multiple horse stalls.

DSC04724-Recovered (Large)DSC04724-Recovered (Large)

DSC04711 (Large)DSC04711 (Large)

Samantha arrived right on time as she always does, ready to go in her cowgirl attire.  She is a real professional, very smart, sweet and master of posing.  She makes it obvious  why she is currently Miss Oakland County and now in the running for Miss Michigan.  She was wearing a white tank top, shorts and brown boots.  I supplied a whip and cowboy hat.

DSC_2578-Recovered (Large)DSC_2578-Recovered (Large)

We started the shoot inside the barn where the lighting was better as it was all open and allowed to small beams of light as a hair light when needed.  The wood was very rustic looking which created the perfect balance for the modern cowgirl. 

DSC04774-Recovered (Large)DSC04774-Recovered (Large)

DSC04795-Recovered (Large)DSC04795-Recovered (Large)

We then moved outside where a wooden horse fence ran perpendicular to the horse barn.  The wood was faded and looked very interesting.  I had Samantha sit about ten feet down from where I was shooting to help blur focus in front of her and behind as I shoot down the fence line.

DSC04814-Recovered (Large)DSC04814-Recovered (Large)

DSC04816 (Large)DSC04816 (Large)

Samantha then mentioned we shoot against a red gate to create some more contrast between the white tank top she was wearing and the fence and it worked out wonderfully.  The sun was peeking in and out of the clouds so we had to choose our shots to keep the harsh light off her face.  Once we completed shooting in that area we moved to the side of the horse building, into the shade and got some amazing shots of her sitting.

DSC04848-Recovered (Large)DSC04848-Recovered (Large)

We then moved back into the barn where I got some shots with some beautiful lens flare.  I know a lot of photographers try to avoid lens flare but in some scenes it just looks right. Also, we got some beautiful headshots at the same location.

DSC04957 (Large)DSC04957 (Large)

DSC04935-Recovered (Large)DSC04935-Recovered (Large)

We were thinking about calling it a wrap at that point as I am sure we were both exhausted from the heat and the workday.  Instead, we pressed onto the gated entrance to the trailhead, where little glimmers of light peeking through the trees provide some great lighting effects.

sss (Large)sss (Large)

DSC04987 (Large)DSC04987 (Large)


To wrap it up, it was a fantastic shoot and I couldn’t have asked for a better day or person to shoot with.  The equipment used was a Sony Alpha a77 with a 70-200mm lens, Nikon d750 with a 50mm Lens, phottix flash triggers, Alien Bees B400 and AB Beauty dish.












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Shooting a wedding using the Nikon D750,”My Thoughts.” https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2015/7/shooting-a-wedding-using-the-nikon-d750-my-thoughts Shooting a wedding using the Nikon D750,”My Thoughts.”

This is not going to be an article full techno jargon about all the ins and outs of the Nikon D750 but more of an article of my experience of a user of this great little camera.  Some people have called this the poor man’s version of the Nikon D4s but there is nothing poor about this little beast.  It produced wonderful colors and skin tones and showed little signs of grain, even up to ISO 8000. 

DSC_8229-Edit (Large)DSC_8229-Edit (Large) DSC_7541 (Large)DSC_7541 (Large)

To be honest, I have been a Minolta/Sony shooter forever, starting with the Minolta 330si rz and more recently the sony a550, 77, a6000 and A99.  I must say when compared to all those camera the Nikon D750 outclasses them in terms of image quality at higher ISO and focus speed.   I rarely got a blurred photo using the 3d tracking and the Nikkor VRII 70-200 2.8 lens. 

DSC_7721 (Large)DSC_7721 (Large)

DSC_8333 (Large)DSC_8333 (Large)

DSC_8326 (Large)DSC_8326 (Large)

DSC_1027 (Large)DSC_1027 (Large)

DSC_1019 (Large) (2)DSC_1019 (Large) (2)

My Fashion type of style usually calls for lighting the reception area and church, when possible and for that I use a White Lightning Strobe in many different positions depending on the structure and color of the interior and the D750 performed very well. 

DSC_7780 (Large)DSC_7780 (Large)

DSC_0798 (Large)DSC_0798 (Large)

DSC_7920 (Large)DSC_7920 (Large)

DSC_0713 (Large) (Large)DSC_0713 (Large) (Large)

DSC_1231 - Copy (Large) (Large)DSC_1231 - Copy (Large) (Large)

I will not completely switch from Sony and intend on still using their mirror less systems but I will continue to build my Nikon bodies and lens collections alongside my Sony’s.  Both DSLRs and Mirrorless serve different purposes, for me, at the moment.

(Willoughby Photography) & ."Infinity ."Kings ANDIAMO BANQUET CENTER At Banquet Canterbury Castle Center" Charters" Cherry Club Court Creek Detroit Golf Kensington Court Ann Arbor Lapeer Michigan Ovation Pine Knob Mansion, Carriage House & Golf Course Rochester States The Colony Club Detroit The Epicurean Group The Village Club United Village" Waterview Loft at Port Detroit Wedding cakes Yacht and best photographers best wedding photographer canon engagement engagements nikon professional wedding photographer sony venues wedding dresses wedding photography wedding venues weddings https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2015/7/shooting-a-wedding-using-the-nikon-d750-my-thoughts Mon, 06 Jul 2015 14:50:30 GMT
The Thrilla at the Villa MS Charity Event https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2015/6/the-thrilla-at-the-villa-charity-event I recently had the opportunity to photograph a Benefit for MS organized by Tony Rubino at Villa Penna Restaurant & Banquets.  I was invited there by Joesph Donofrio of Impact Fight League to cover the fights, charity giveaways and the many other exciting happenings. 




As soon as you walked in the door there was wall to wall sports memorabilia being auctioned from baseball to basketball items, to photographs to player’s jerseys. 


When you walked from the lobby area into the Hall you could see the IFL cage in the middle of the banquet surrounded by tables filled by generous people taking time to have some fun and give to a great cause.





The whole event went smoothly and without a hitch.  In between the great fights which were  organized by Mr. Donofrio, there was plenty of giveaways and raffles for the gracious guests. 




The energy was fantastic and I would love to cover another charity event like this again! 

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Professional Photography - A Few Tips https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2015/4/professional-photography---a-few-tips Being a professional photographer is more than just holding a camera in your hand, snapping a bunch of photos, looking for the good one and running it through post processing software. It takes an artist, years of practice; honing your skills in lighting techniques, posing and learning the ins and outs of how your gear works. There is also insurance, forms and becoming a legit business involved in order to protect your business and clients. Some would think you can go buy the most expensive camera and lens combination, put it on the auto setting you can take great pictures every time you push the shutter button, but this is far from the truth.

Bad lighting is nearly impossible to fix in post. You would think you can just open it in Photoshop, select an area and bring up the exposure of that area. Yes, this can be done in some cases, but it won’t look like a pro photograph. You need to have lighting correct when you snap your shot. Learn how to use a light meter, learn correct strobe placement for a certain look, determine whether soft or hard lighting fits the situation and the subject , decide on how many light sources and what light modifiers to use in a particular situation. A lot of inexperienced photographers will pick up a canon DSLR, put it in aperture priority mode, lock on the subject and blow out the background every time on bright days. Why, maybe, they want look or don’t understand exposure. Bottom line is knowing how to light a subject is very important and in most cases won’t be correctable in Photoshop. You need to learn the correct lighting for the situation, how to meter correctly and adjust your camera settings accordingly.

The subject’s expression is a very important component of a great photograph and is just as important as getting the lighting right. You cannot have a dull expression and make a great photograph, even with great lighting. Eyes are important as they unlock the soul of a subject. Minute changes in facial expressions create an entirely different mood and photograph. This goes the same for slight changes in hand placement, torso and legs. You must learn how to tell a story without words and that is not an easy task, especially for those subjects who have been in front of a camera before in a professional shoot situation. Without establishing a connection to your subject, you cannot get a realistic expression. So being able to read the mood of your subject and atmosphere of a situation is also very important part of being a professional photographer. I consider this one of the main components next to lighting because without establishing a connection, you cannot achieve a true expression and a truly great photograph.

Any camera from a cell phone camera to a $49,000 Hasselblad is capable of taking great photographs as long as you know how to use your equipment and learn the craft of photography and it is a craft that takes time to develop. So take the time to develop your skills, buy the equipment that suits your needs, not what people tell you need. I shoot Sony because it suits my needs and I was a Minolta shooter pre digital days and have many Minolta lenses that fit the Sony A-Mount System. I am now slowly moving over to the more compact Sony FE and E-Mount systems because I like the lighter weight and adaptability. Any camera in which you can control the ISO, Aperture, shutter speed and has hot shoe is all you really need, unless you are shooting in very low natural light situations or action sports. Learn the craft and don’t worry about your gear. Gear does not make a great photograph, the photographer and subject do.

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Donofrio MMA, IFL 61 https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2015/3/donofrio-mma-ifl-61 il_570xN_610741903_87f2 (Large)il_570xN_610741903_87f2 (Large)

What an exciting night Saturday March 14th 2015 was; with a stacked card of some amazing fights.  I am happy I was afforded the opportunity to photograph the event thanks to the generous Joseph Donofrio, who, from my perspective treats everyone like they're family.  I really appreciated that as it reminded of family gatherings as a kid. My grandmother is 100% Sicilian, so you could only imagine the size of the gatherings.

DSC02804 (Large)DSC02804 (Large)

Throughout the night everything moved very smoothly and the matches seemed to move on without a hitch.  No delays in fights or action!  I have been to other promotions where I couldn't say the same.  With flames, smoke, action-packed fights and beautiful ring girls there was not a moment of dullness.  There was so much action to take in my two cameras (Sony Alpha a77 and Sony Alpha a99) never got a rest and didn't need one.  The performance of both these monsters was nearly flawless and the Continuous tracking of the Sony Alpha a99 continued even beyond the central group of the focus points.  

DSC00996 (Large)DSC00996 (Large) DSC02983 (Large)DSC02983 (Large)

Most of the fights were barn burners and had unexpected outcomes.  At least to me -as I was making my own predictions :)   That being said, it made them even more exciting.  And although there was some blood, the experience of the referee showed, knowing exactly when to stop the fight before anything went too far.  As a former Full Contact Karate competitor, I appreciated the good calls by the referee.

DSC01477 (Large)DSC01477 (Large)

Most of the night I was able to shoot pretty comfortable with my Sony a99 mounted to my Minolta 50mm 1.7 and my Sony a77 mounted to my Tamron 28-75 2.8 lens.  Both cameras tracked very well, even shooting through the fence of the cage.  My ISO settings where from 800-3200, with a shutter speed of anywhere from 160-250 to stop the action.

DSC03285 (Large)DSC03285 (Large)

There was eight title fights!  Yes, you read that right, I said eight.  Under what other promotion does that happen? Um none, that I have heard of or seen.  These title holders and challengers weren't and did not seem inexperienced either and for their part were skilled MMA competitors.  The last fight was amazing and worth the wait! All in all, it was one hell of a night and I feel like I made some good friends.  

DSC03333 (Large)DSC03333 (Large)


For more on Donofrio MMA, fighters and upcoming events please visit their website.  http://www.donofriomma.com/ 

DSC02951 (Large)DSC02951 (Large)

DSC02878 (Large)DSC02878 (Large)

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Review of the Opteka SolarFlare LED Wand Light https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2015/1/review-of-the-opteka-solarflare-led-wand-light Review of the Opteka SolarFlare LED Wand Light

This is just a short review of the Opteka SolareFlare LED light that I have finally had the opportunity to use after owning for about 6 months.  This won’t be a comparison to ICE Light as it would not be fair for me to comment on the ICE Light, since I do not own one.  

First, let’s go over the short bit of tech:


·         Dimmable 1,160 lumen LED that is rated for 50,000+ hours

·         Daylight 5200k and tungsten 3200K lighting modes

·         AC/DC power operation and built-in Lithium Ion battery (3 hours on 5200K setting)

We’ll do the negatives first, but there really is not a lot of negative to say about this light.  It works as advertised, although the battery life on the one I have purchased seems to be a bit shorter than three hours.  About 1.5 hours with the power turned all-the-way-up.  Then again, I did not run it at its lowest settings to see how long it would last.   Maybe it would last three or more hours on its lowest settings.   The only real negative thing I could say about this light is that it did not come with any instructions and again, not really negative, because it is so easy to use.  It only took a few seconds to familiarize myself with the light.

I absolutely love this image.  The only light source was from the Opteka.

Untitled-6 (Large)Untitled-6 (Large)

So I said it took me about six months to try this light out after it was purchased.   This has been due to being so busy working on my new studio and of course I wanted to test it on the right subject.  Anyway, the new studio is close to completion, ready for engagement shoots, fashion shoots to senior portraits.  Next on the list was finding the right subject --and it just so happened Kaitlynn Anderson became the subject.  A great model, who competed in the Las Vegas International model search, was the perfect subject. 

DSC09335 (Large)DSC09335 (Large)


From a usage standpoint this thing is very easy to use.  You have a mode button, On/Off button and Power Level up /power level down – that’s about all.  Nothing too mind numbing.  The mode button controls your kelvin settings, in other words turns it from 3200K to 5200k.  The power level buttons decrease or increase your light output.  Complicated, right? Oh wait, the ON and off button turn it on and off.  One more thing, “you can plug-in the power adapter and run it when the battery dies, if an electrical receptacle is available.”

IMO, the light it produces is pretty nice.  It can be a bit harsh on some subjects but you can always feather it a bit or find a way to diffuse it - if you desire. 

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First Cosplay Shoot with Miranda https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2014/12/first-cosplay-shoot-with-miranda Cosplay Shoot with Miranda


Well, I’d have to say this shoot involved a lot of firsts.  This was my first ever Cosplay photo-shoot, first time working with Miranda and first shoot at my new location. 

First let’s start with the setup.  I used a 6 foot Impact silver umbrella as the main light source, camera right at a 45 degree angle with a White Lightning strobe.  Camera left and slightly behind Miranda I used an Alien Bees B400 with a Softbox to create a nice rim light which also helped in separating Miranda from the background and in this case was a green screen.  Now I usually don’t use green screens and build most of my sets and backgrounds but on this occasion I wanted to achieve two things a movie worthy green screen effect and test my new location in a photo-shoot.  For camera gear, I mainly used my Sony Alpha A99 and Tamron 70-200 2.8 and at times I shot with my Tamron 28-75 2.8 attached to the camera.  I did bring my Polaris light meter but decided to wing it and not use it this time.

Miranda was great!  She knew the history of the character she was portraying very well, brought a lot of energy and her poses were excellent.  I was really shocked that she hasn’t been modeling for years as her poses looked natural and not forced.  Looking through all the photographs, it was very hard to find a pose I did not like and one in which I couldn’t think of a scene for a pose to go with.  I can’t wait to work with her again in a Glamour or fashion shoot which I believe she’ll definitely do great in.

All-in-all, I would consider the photo-shoot a success and am looking forward to doing to more Cosplay shoots in the future.  If they all go as well as this one did, I might advertise this as a specialty of mine on my website.  Below are some images from the shoot.  I hope you enjoy them and if you do please check out my website and also click on the link for my Facebook page and like it as there are many more images and styles I shoot posted there.  



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How this photo was created https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2014/10/how-this-photo-was-created How This Photo Was Created.

In this blog I am going to give you some information on how each of the photos were created.  First, I will list the equipment used.  camera gear is as follows: Sony Alpha A99, Tamron 70-200 2.8,  Minolta 50mm 1.7, Minolta 28mm 2.8.  Lighting devices, Sony HVL 43, AlienBees b400, giant shoot through umbrella, 43 inch reflector (gold side) and Yongnuo flash with orange gel.

Location:  Well for location I was lucky enough to have an old train depot all to myself.  This helped with giving the shoot some character and of course the model "Liz Perez."

The below shot was created by using a large shoot through umbrella attached to the b400 not pointed directly at her face, but to the right of her face and pointed directly at the wall and angled about 45 degrees towards the floor.  On the floor was 43 inch reflector gold side up to soften any shadows under her chin.  To create the gold highlights in her hair my assistant held the gold gel in front of the Yongnuo flash off to the side and behind the door. DSC05128_1DSC05128_1

In the photo below I used a fog machine but I will  say none of the sky or background was photo-shopped.  This was all out of camera.  To set this up I used the large umbrella, AB400, light meter and large 43" reflector and the Sony HVL 43 flash.  Well, luckily we were fighting the rain on this shoot because it made for some really cool cloud coverage.  The clouds weren't that color but I  set the camera AWB to shade to get that beautiful sky.  

The AB400 was attached to the large umbrella to model right.  The reflector was lying flat on the ground gold side up just out of frame.  The Sony HVL 43 was left of model 1/8 power just for a little splash of light on the right side of her face.  The hardest part was synchronizing the fog with everything else:)


This photograph was a very simple photo to setup but very dangerous since the training was speeding by at about 40 mph.  You would never realize how much wind and noise a speeding train can generate!  A lot of yelling and ear ringing happened during this time.  Also, in this shot the wind destroyed my shoot through umbrella but it was worth it to get the shot.  Setup for this was just my AB400 with shoot through umbrella almost directly in front of the model.  


Well, I hoped you liked this short informational on how I setup these shots.  Please follow add me for more fun blogs to come.

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quinn-Willoughby-photography/295714240584243?ref=tn_tnmn

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/qwilloughby


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A Family Photo Day https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2014/10/a-family-photo-day A Family Photo Day

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to photograph the wonderful Martinez family.  The session consisted of two different locations.  The first location was indoors were I tried create a fashion look but also make it relaxed and fun at the same time.   The second location was outdoors on my small ranch where I mostly just documented the children having fun. 

The first location's setup consisted of a White vinyl background, three strobes (two Alien Bees 400s) and one White lightning.  All three were fitted with softboxes as modifiers.  The White Lightning was on a boom located above the children in the middle of the frame and angled down at a 45 degree angle.   The two b400s were located in the rear angled around a 25 degree towards the children away from the background.  They were wearing white clothing so I did not want a background pure white.  My camera gear for this location was my Sony Alpha A99 and Tamron 70-200 2.8.  I was shooting mostly at f5.6, ISO 50 at 1/200 sec.

I always love shooting children because it's hard to get them pose and that is what makes shooting them interesting.  To get the shots below I just joked around with them and waited for the magic to happen.  Eventually they started acting like the stars of the show and gave me many great poses:)

DSC00354DSC00354 DSC00328DSC00328
The second location was outdoors on my small ranch where I have a horse barn, Hay, horses and other fun things for kids to have fun getting into.  I used my Sony Alpha A99, Samyang 85mm 1.4,  Tamron 70-200mm 2.8, 43 inch reflector and Sony HVL 43 flash for the following photos.  In some of the photos I bounced the flash into the silver side of the 43 inch reflector to help create a larger light source.
DSC00619DSC00619 DSC00767DSC00767
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Headshot Session with model Kaitlynn Anderson https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2014/9/headshot-session-with-model-kaitlynn-anderson Here is a quick blog on my most recent head shot session with Kaitlynn Anderson which shares some detail into some of the setup for the below photographs.

In this head shot session we decided to go with the wet hair look with a really clean look.  A simple white vinyl background was used with a three light setup, along with a silver 43 inch reflector on the floor slightly angled towards the face.  The main light was placed at approximately 45 degrees camera right with a large Impact silver parabolic modifier.  Camera left was a simple shoot umbrella to create a rim light.  An alien Bees b400 with no modifier was used to light the background.  As always, I used my Sony Alpha A99 for this shoot and shot exclusively with my Tamron 70-200 2.8 lens.

Posing was no problem as Kaitlynn nailed the perfect look each time.  Congratulations to her for being invited to compete in the Las Vegas International Model Search October 18th


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Spring Shoot with Samantha Skowronek https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2014/4/spring-shoot-with-samantha-skowronek Last Saturday, the weather was finally nice enough to setup an outdoors shoot and after the long winter here in Michigan it was certainly a welcomed opportunity.  My wife and I packed up the Dodge Ram with too much camera equipment (I like to be overly prepared and luckily I was) as usual and headed out to the Elba Equestrian Complex in Elba, MI to meet up with the outstanding model Samantha Skowronek for a somewhat spur of the moment photoshoot.  I packed up my Alien-bees strobe, lithium battery pack, two stands, two flashes, Beauty dish, huge shoot through umbrella, 43 inch reflector, wireless triggers, my trusty Sony Alpha a99 and my Sony Alpha a77 as backup (as if a backup to the Sony a99 would be needed ever) plus an arsenal of lenses.  

After meeting up with Samantha on the location, we "quickly" grabbed all the gear and began our long hike into the 5500 acres of Elba Trails.  The light was pretty harsh at first but we managed some to capture some great images from the first location using my Sony a99, Minolta 50mm 1.7, a gold reflector and the use of some shade. 


After about twenty or so minutes of shooting we packed up all the gear or so we thought and hiked about half mile to the next location.  The next location had hundreds of towering birch trees that I had planned to use my giant shoot through umbrella and my Alien-bees strobe. Well --- that didn't happen-- as I forgot my power cord to the strobe in the truck, but no worries because I had my Sony HVL-43 in my camera bag along with my light meter.  As luck would have it, my light meter decided to fall out of my bag somewhere along the hike:)  Although, I didn't have try too hard to get the ambient light to mix the way I envisioned it with the flash because of the OLED viewfinder. Here are a few photos from that location.

Untitled-3Untitled-3 DSC04181DSC04181

Untitled-2Untitled-2 DSC04226DSC04226

We spent about thirty minutes at this location and got many great photographs.  After another frantic search for my light meter and no luck locating it, Samantha decided to get ready for the third location as I packed up my quickly thinning gear collection.

The third location was an open field of sorts and the sun was starting to go down enough to where the light was getting less harsh.  Still astonished at how I could lose my light meter, I began to setup for the third location.  I used an octabox with my Sony HVL-43 adjusted a little over the eye level of Samantha pointed down at the gold side of my reflector which I had lying flat by her feet.  This allowed for beautiful catch light in her eyes from the octabox and light from the flash to bounce off the reflector making the shadows less harsh under her chin and eyes.


All-in-all, it was a great shoot and we captured some beautiful images, even though my luck with keeping gear in my bag was not so good.  I guess the moral of this blog is make sure your gear bag is completed zipped up when you're hiking through 5500 acres of woods.  Also, have a backup plan in case you do lose something or something breaks because bad luck happens sometimes:)  BTW, I did end up finding my light meter after scouting the first location for a few minutes. 


(Willoughby Photography) Photoshoot beautiful bebe fashion gorgeous light model natural photography portrait portraiture posing spring woman https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2014/4/spring-shoot-with-samantha-skowronek Tue, 22 Apr 2014 03:46:19 GMT
Native American Photoshoot with Kelly https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2013/12/native-american-photoshoot-with-kelly Had a great theme style photoshoot with Kelly http://www.modelmayhem.com/3215574 this Saturday.  It was a little windy and very cold (broke a brand new flash trigger which was a replacement for another broken trigger:) Even with the cold and wind Kelly managed to pull off some great poses like a true pro.  It was a challenge but with the help of Marsha, Kathy, Amy, Jesse, Blane and Sierra the horse; we managed to get some awesome shots. 

Equipment used in shoot: Sony a77 with grip , tamron 17-50, tamron 70-200, sony 50mm1.8, light stand, hvl43, octabox, handmade Bow and arrow (Blane), generator, two reflectors, a coyote pelt, smoke machine, many batteries, a robe and thick blanket :)

(Willoughby Photography) Winter photoshoot with beautiful model https://www.quinnwilloughby.com/blog/2013/12/native-american-photoshoot-with-kelly Mon, 02 Dec 2013 15:27:05 GMT