Photo Manipulation Services

We have added an exciting new service to our studio offers, photo manipulation services.  If you have old photographs that you would like combined with other photographs to help you remember an event which is special to you in life or a special moment of someone who might have passed.  We can combine , enhance and manipulate those photos to help show what that someone enjoyed doing using photo manipulation.  For example,  below is three photographs used to help a client maintain the memory of their uncle with what he loved to do, work on the railroad as a conductor.


File 1:

cloud-4cloud-4 File 2:  This file had to be very careful manipulated in order to get it ready  for the next step.


file 3:  As you can see this train car was dedicated to Danny who is in the photo above.


Finished product:


This type of photo manipulation takes a skilled hand.  Prices start at $25 for this type of service.